Triangle Climber with Ramp Set


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Triangle Climber with Ramp Set
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600.00 AED 600.0 AED 600.00 AED

600.00 AED

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Product Introduction


Wooden Kids Pikler Triangle With Ramp is an outdoor sports toy suitable for children, which is made of solid wood.
It is composed of triangle climbing, ladder and slide. Children can climb up, jump down or stand on it.


It can not only help children exercise the coordination and balance ability, but also promote their initiative and imagination.
In addition, it is also a adjustable toy that can be adjusted according to the age and ability of the child. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use and can be used in parks, gardens, balconies, living rooms and other places.



Spicification of Products


Products nameWooden Kids Piklers Triangle With Ramp
Size of the Bag102.5X75X105 cm
product attributePlywood
Funtioncat furniture
Product weight15kg


Product Funtion


WoodenkidSpiklerstrianglewithramp is a toy, which is mainly used for children's games and sports. It consists of triangular wooden racks and slopes, and its main functions include:


1. Exercise: Children can climb on the wooden frame and go down the slope to exercise their physical coordination and balance.


2. Stimulus imagination: Wooden frames can become things that children think, such as castles, trains, spacecraft, etc., thereby stimulating their imagination and creativity.


3. Improve self -confidence: Children can increase their self -confidence and sense of accomplishment by challenging and completing the climbing and decline of wooden frames.


4. Promote parent -child communication: Parents and children playing this toy together can promote parent -child relationships and communication


Product Detail


Wooden Kids PiklersTriangle With Ramp is children's toys made of wood, including a triangle frame plate and a slope. There are several cross bars on the shelf, which form a ladder to climb. The ramp board can be attached to the shelf so that children can climb up from the top of the shelf, or it can be placed on the ground and used as a scooter.


The toy is intended for younger children to exercise their coordination, muscle strength and sense of balance. The wooden material is painted to make it smooth and harmless to children's hands and skin. In addition, the color and design of the toy are very cute, which can attract children's attention and interest, and stimulate their curiosity and desire to explore.


The toy is moderate in size, takes up less space, and can be placed in any corner of the home for easy storage and use. And the toy is durable, not easy to damage, can accompany children to play for a long time.


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