New Mom Essentials

During pregnancy, you're bombarded with lists of "essential" items to buy. While some of them are indeed useful, the truth is, babies don't require as much as you might think. If you already have a bassinet beside your bed and a stockpile of diapers, you're off to a great start. However, there are a few essentials that first-time moms will find invaluable for making those initial weeks with a newborn a bit more manageable. Here's what you'll need for both baby and yourself during those sleep-deprived first weeks.
bellow are some top pick essentials by mom and expert

Baby Carrier

baby carrier

There are numerous baby wraps you can choose from, but the Solly Baby Wrap is especially useful in the newborn stage because there’s no minimum weight requirement, and it can be used up until your little one is 9 months old. Once you learn how to tie it, it’s easy to get on quickly.

Sleep Swaddles

baby carrier

The Aden + Anais swaddles are beloved because you can use them in so many different ways. They’re big enough to wrap baby in, soft and lightweight for use as a blanket, can sub in for an absorbent burp cloth and hold up for years. Plus, they come in adorable prints and colors.

Baby Bathtub

baby carrier

Baby’s first bath at home is a picture-worthy event, so you’ll want to get it right. A bath lotus is comfortable for baby, supports her head and is adorable, too. There’s also the convenience factor: It fits right into your kitchen sink.

Changing Pad

baby carrier
This is a cult product for a reason: There will be baby poop explosions, pee fountains and more spit up than you can keep track of. The Keekaroo changing pad is not only plush, but it wipes down quickly and easily.

Diaper Bag

baby carrier

Don’t underestimate the importance of getting a great diaper bag — you’ll be carrying it for years. That’s why the JuJuBe really delivers. It’s machine washable, has large outside pockets for easy access to bottles and inside pockets to keep all of your other essentials organized. There’s even a memory foam changing pad. What’s more, the adjustable and removable straps allow you to wear this bag as a tote, messenger bag or backpack.

Basic Bodysuits

baby carrier

During the newborn stage, your baby may have at least three outfit changes per day, so you’ll want to have plenty of basic onesies on hand — and this pack of white bodysuits fits the bill.

Nursing Pillow

baby carrier

Babies and mamas alike love the Boppy nursing pillow for support during nursing sessions. When your little one is older, she can use the pillow during tummy time or for supported sitting. You’ll also love that it’s machine washable, because we all know spit up happens.

Baby Bottles

baby carrier

Whether you’re breastfeeding or using formula, you’ll want a set of bottles. And you’ll need quite a few of them, because you don’t want to have to constantly wash and sanitize. These Dr. Brown's bottles are loved by moms because they’re outfitted with an internal tube that prevents too much air from being swallowed, reducing gas and discomfort.